Advisory Services

Technical accounting advisory services

  1. Powered by our team of qualified CA/ CPAs and their experience over the years, we can support our clients with the accounting for the various complex business transactions.
  2. The credibility of the Accounting opinions written by us is acknowledged by all the Big4s and all large accounting firms.

Due Diligence Preparedness Services

  1. Review of Books of Accounts from Diligence preparedness perspective
  2. Review of various revenue matrices
  3. Review of various cost matrices
  4. Review of various BS items
  5. Review of Business projections
  6. Support the Company in improving the presentation of the items mentioned above.

Due Diligence (Buy side as well as Sell side)

  1. Execution of Finance Due Diligence
  2. Execution of Tax Due Diligence
  3. Execution of Secretarial Diligence
  4. Highlighting the critical Red Flags and resultant CPs and CSs.

Support during M&A activities

  1. Analyze the business performance of the Target
  2. Review the proposed deal structure
  3. Support in post M&A accounting and reporting structure

IPO preparedness support services

  1. Review the preparedness from last 5 years of business tracking.